Kids Class

  Kids can also benefit from yoga just like adults, it is great for their physical and mental development.

1. Strong Muscles: Yoga involves the building of all muscle groups, it also helps to improve concentration,co-ordination and balance.
2. Avoid getting sick easily: Yoga helps build a strong immune system by using compound movement to assist the body in its function.
3. Meditation: During yoga, children learn how to stay calm and focused, this helps with focus in their other day to day activities.
4. Boosting Imagination: Yoga poses come with unique names, such as Mountain Pose, Tree Pose and many more. This helps children use their imagination.
5. Improving mood. Yoga is a relaxing and fun activity for kids. When children learn that they can do the sequences we teach, always improves their mood and confidence.
Drop in 400 baht

350 baht/time (purchase 10 times, valid 4 months)
300 baht/time (purchase 20 times, valid 8 months)
250 baht/time (purchase 30 times, No expiring date)

Private classes are also available.
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